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How to Publish Press Release via Utopia Newswire

The process of submitting news article is simple.

First, sign-up and login as member. Then, click "submit press release" button in Utopia Newswire Website/ Member's Area, or via the following link:

Then, pick a package.

The following links provide detailed information for Utopia Newswire's pricing packages:

For One-Off News Article Submission, You will be directed to the PR submission form. Kindly fill in all the news articles information, including headlines, body content, photos, Youtube video link, SEO information, release date and location, and media contact. Then, click "submit your press release for approval" button. After your payment is successfully recieved, your news articles will be published.

If you want bulk article submission, you will be directed to payment page first. Afterwards, our customer support will assist you during the submission and publication process (5 packs or 10 packs). The news will be published on your schedule.

The review for approval time line will usually be three days. News platforms like Yahoo! Finance or Business Insider will have stricter content submission requirements, and there might be the need for editting and fine-tuning the content several times before article is published.

Don't worry, Utopia Newswire will handle this process for you so all you have to do is submit the article once, arrange payment, and wait for our good news.

The content guidelines are as follows:

Usually, if the content is about businesses or events, and does not violate any major copyright law and/or human rights law, then Utopia Newswire will guarantee your article to be published on desired news media.

Please find more information about our "Pricing" in the following page:


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