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How to Write and submit a Press Release for Your New Website Launch, website launch press release

How to Write a Press Release for Your New Website Launch, website launch press release
How to Write a Press Release for Your New Website Launch, website launch press release

Launching a new website is an important milestone for any business, but it's essential to generate awareness and drive traffic to see success. A strategic press release is key for capturing media attention and promoting your new online presence. This comprehensive guide will walk through best practices for crafting an effective press release to announce your website launch.

The first paragraph should provide an enticing overview of the launch while highlighting top features and benefits. Mention details that will excite readers like a fresh new design, improved navigation, and enhanced customer experience. Be sure to note the official launch date so journalists and customers can save the date.

You'll want to spend the next 2-3 paragraphs diving deeper into the most exciting new elements. describe in detail any new or improved products, services, or features in an engaging way. Showcase top benefits like increased speed, improved functionality, or new solutions provided. Whenever possible, include visual elements like screenshots to bring these new elements to life for readers.

Another critical area to cover is the business reasoning and goals behind the new site. In 2-3 paragraphs, explain the need for a launch from both a customer and business perspective. What problems is the new website solving that the old one couldn't? What customer pain points will it address? Also share any relevant metrics that show goals for growth, increased traffic, or revenue targets you hope to hit. Communicating clear goals will pique media interest.

It's important to spend 1-2 paragraphs promoting any associated deals, sales, or product launches timed with the new site reveal. Mentioning a sitewide discount, newly launched service, or limited time offer gives visitors extra motivation to check out the new site. Provide specific details on offer duration and value propositions to spark urgency.

Don't forget to acknowledge your customers and partners for their continued support in 1 paragraph. Thanking loyal patrons and highlightting partnerships will demonstrate gratitude and appeal to reader emotions. It's a nice touch to close on.

Your closing paragraphs, taking up around 1, should reiterate the top 2-3 benefits in your recap. Remind readers why they'll want to visit the new site and consider any call to action if relevant, such as signing up for early access. End with enthusiasm and optimism for the future. Keep these final lines impactful and engaging.

Beyond the body, you'll need to include important contact information clearly in the conclusion or a dedicated boilerplate section. Be sure press, media and general contacts are easy to find with name, email and phone clearly listed. Include all relevant social profiles and website URL as well.

Proper distribution is key to maximizing coverage. Make sure to send your release to an extensive media list spanning blogs, publications, and local outlets relevant to your industry. Don't forget to diligently promote on your own digital channels too through your website, blog, and social media profiles. Posting visually appealing graphics can boost shares.

With a well-targeted release packed with benefits, credible goals, and the right promotional approach, you've got a solid plan to generate buzz and capture new visitors for your improved online presence. Launching a new website is a significant milestone, so put in thorough effort with your press release strategy to ensure marketing success.

I hope this comprehensive guide has provided valuable insights into crafting and distributing the ideal press release to announce your upcoming website launch. Implementing the recommended best practices should maximize exposure and deliver new customers to enjoy your fresh online experience. Let me know if any other questions arise as you prepare to share your new site with the world!


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